Wednesday, March 25, 2009


In my time as an Academic Biro for my college, I’ve manage a program called Mentor and Mantee. This program teaches me a lot in term of how to manage people and organization. Mentor and Mantee is a program for K9 residents.

Mentor are selected from an excellent students while the mantee are the juniors. Mentor need to complete a 20 hours study time teaching the mantee. While, in the other hand mantee need to achieve the goal that being targeted for them from he college community.

As the consolation, mentor will be given a payment as per RM4 per hour. This program will encourage the entire student especially the freshie .To struggle for their excellent achievement. This program also gives a lot of memories to me. Either sad or happy. After finish the program, I realize that I’ve become more matured and dedicated to my study. I also become more independent and gain my leadership knowledge.


Manufacturing Engineering is a core subject for my field of study. This subject entitled me for the arrangement to be a manufacturing, industrial or even higher a process engineer after I’m graduate. Manufacturing process, thermal heat, material conceptions are among the sub- topics inside manufacturing engineering syllabus. In manufacturing engineering, a process of a substances or shall I say ‘product’ begin with incoming inspection. After that the product goes to the receiving area for segregation. Than, follow by material combustion and goes to design area. Here, a designer will supply the process with the company design as per product and goes to the process line again. After completed all process, complete product will undergo a qualitative analysis and after that quantitative analysis. At the end, the full spec of product will be trademark by the Quality Assurance Department and then it will goes to the consumer line.

My secondary subject is Process Control. This subject teaches me how to handle process as a front person. Base on the process equation, any process will be stabilizing using any key factor. There are about 10 main key factors in process control. There are also proportional, integral instability key factor such as ion form, ultra violet and also gamma radiation. All these should be taken note if to retain the main process flow. At the front panel, there are also time ratio and system circulation to be monitor. These two factors will need to be monitor closely or else, you need to do PM (preventive maintenance) more often. Process Control also teaches me to maintain the industrial process using a programming kit such as process control analysis and dynamic controlling system.


My extra co-curricular is self management. This subject teaches me to manage myself in of three things. First, time management. Time management the most important of all. Before this, my time management was worse. I always settle my job in last minute. Even though it all went well, but I know it is not a professional way to make things done. After taking this course I’ve capable to manage my time more efficiently.

The second one is money management. Money is an important thing in life. Some sort says, “ we can manage money, we can manage the future “. So I’ve learned a lot from this course. It is shows me from to make my own personal account book, until the most selective option, how to segregate my money smooth and efficient.

I’ve also learned space management. Space management educates me to manage space throughout a thinkable and relaxing mind. It shows how space can collaborate with a relaxing mind and also how fibrous space can conduct a self tension. This show how important is space management and also how its occurrence proportionally to a relaxing minds.


My English course for this semester is Career Research. Dr. Faizah is my current English lecturer. She’s from FPPSM and she’s an excellent lecturer for me. One of the main purposes I’ve taken this course is because of the interview session. It is the best of all cause I’ve enjoy it.

Before this, I’m not as confident as now and thanks to this English course that I’ve become me as per today. Career Research also teaches me how to collect data for my future job and how to manage myself before the interview. I’ve also learn an important tips how to handle an interviewer in a clips of time.

This English course also includes a self presentation and group presentation. As per individual, I’ve manage to learn how to be independent. And as per team presentation, teamwork is the key factor. Lastly above all of this, I’ve also learn something special from my beloved Dr. Faizah, even though it’s not in the class syllabus it’s still important, at least for me. She shows me how to be a successful women among all men.


My name Syarifah Syahirah Binti Said Saleh. My home town is in Melaka. I’m 24 years old. My interests are hands-on work, outdoor and indoor Sport. You can email me at I had my Diploma from June 2004 untill May 2007 at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, City Campus Kuala Lumpur ( UTMKL ) in Mechanical Engineering with CGPA 3.52. Now I further my study at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,Skudai in Mechanical Engineering major in Manufacturing with current CGPA 3.12.

Now I’m staying at Kolej 9. I become one of the Student College Comunitee of Kolej 9 as a Vice of Academic & Career Biro for session 07-08 and 08-09. Since my time in the community, I had handled two programs which are Mentor Mantee and Koaraoke Contest. Besides that, I also join other community program’s, such as College Dinner and Open Day K9 and (Kolej 10) K10. Since that, I has attend for many courses since I in the community. the courses that I had attend are Kursus Pembentukan JKM Kolej 9 at Dusun Eco Resort, Bentong Pahang, Kem Permantapan dan Jati Diri Pelajar JKM Kolej 9, at Taman Negara Johor, Kursus Kepimpinan at Persatuan Alumni Institut Kepimpinan Negara Port Dickson and Kursus Bina Negara Asas Mahasiswa at BTN Langkawi, Kedah.

In UTMKL I also work under the Skim Pelajar Bekerja as a Mentor for Programe Student Development Center from session 05-07. I’m good in system software and programming software such as Microsoft Office, Vista, Window XP, NX3, Matlab 7, Mini Tab, Fortran, Borland C++ 5.0, AutoCad 2006 and Control Process.




Age : 23 Years Old
Date of Birth : 16th September 1985
Place of Birth : Melaka
Gender : Female
Nationality : Malaysian
Marital Status : Single
Interest : Hands-On Work, Outdoor and Indoor Sport.
Personal Traits : Analytical and critical thinking, realistic, fast learner,
Honest, punctual, systematic and works well with others.
Objective : To excel in global activities and working cultures in addition to become an enthusiastic person that will serve for the purpose of achieving the organizational goal and development priority intensiveness.


Current Address : 1732-A Batu 7 Tanjung Minyak 75250 Melaka
Tel (Mobile) : 017-2558516
E-mail :


● June 2007-May 2010
Level : Degree
Field Of Study : Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing)
Current CGPA : 3.12
Institution : Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Graduation Date : August 2010

● June 2004-May 2007
Level : Diploma
Field Of Study : Mechanical Engineering
Cumulative CGPA : 3.52
Institution : Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Graduation Date : August 2007
● May 2002–June 2004
Level : Certificate in Pre-University
Institution : Mara Institutions (Kolej Mara Kulim)
Cumulative CGPA : 3.48 / 4.00 (Current)
Graduation Date : June 2004

● Year 2001–2002
Level : SPM
Field Of Study : Civil Engineering
Qualification : Distinctions in Mathematics
Institution : Sekolah Menegah Kebangsaan Teknik Bukit Piatu, Melaka
Graduation Date : December 2002

Session 07/08

Club/Committee Student College Committee
Kolej 9, UTM, Skudai

Post Vice of Academic & Career Biro

Programme/ Event
Mentor Mantee,UTM SKUDAI, 2008

Programme Director

Pertandingan Karaoke, Hari Terbuka Kolej 9 ’08 (GEMPAK’08) UTM SKUDAI, 2008
Programme Director

Kelas Bahasa, Kolej 9, UTM SKUDAI , 2008

Minggu Haluan Siswa UTM SKUDAI sesi 2007/2008
Committee Member

Hari Terbuka UTM’08, UTM SKUDAI sesi 2008/2009
Committee Member of traditional games

Minggu Haluan Siswa , UTMKL sesi 2005/2006
Committee Member

English Language Challenge,UTMKL,2006

Program Khidmat Masyarakat Di Kg Bohor Baru, Bera,Pahang (SCCS’05),UTMKL,2005

Course Attended

Kursus Pembentukan JKM Kolej 9,UTM SKUDAI ,di Dusun Eco Resort, Bentong Pahang
Kem Pemantapan & Jati Diri Pelajar JKM Kolej 9, UTM SKUDAI, di Taman Negara Johor Gunung Ledang
Kursus Kepimpinan di Persatuan Alumni Institut Kepimpinan Negara Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan
Kursus Bina Negara Asas Mahasiswa anjuran BTN Langkawi,Kedah


Mentor, Student Development Center (SDC), UTMKL, 05/06 & 06/07 sem 1.

Computer Skills

Application Software : Autocad Engineering 2006, Borland C++ 5.0, Fortran, Microsoft Office, Matlab
System Software : Win vista, Win XP, Win 98,

Language Proficiency

Language Malay English
Speaking Very Proficient Proficient
Writing Very Proficient Proficient
Reading Very Proficient Proficient
Listening Very Proficient Proficient


The following persons have agreed to provide any additional information regarding my qualification and character:

1) Prof. Madya Zainal Abidin bin Ahmad
Mechanical Engineering Lecturer
Department of Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Skudai, Johor
Tel : 012-7228386

2) Dr. Kahar bin Osman
Mechanical Engineering Lecturer
Department of Thermo-Fluids
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
Skudai, Johor
Tel : 07-5533333 ext. 34733