Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My English course for this semester is Career Research. Dr. Faizah is my current English lecturer. She’s from FPPSM and she’s an excellent lecturer for me. One of the main purposes I’ve taken this course is because of the interview session. It is the best of all cause I’ve enjoy it.

Before this, I’m not as confident as now and thanks to this English course that I’ve become me as per today. Career Research also teaches me how to collect data for my future job and how to manage myself before the interview. I’ve also learn an important tips how to handle an interviewer in a clips of time.

This English course also includes a self presentation and group presentation. As per individual, I’ve manage to learn how to be independent. And as per team presentation, teamwork is the key factor. Lastly above all of this, I’ve also learn something special from my beloved Dr. Faizah, even though it’s not in the class syllabus it’s still important, at least for me. She shows me how to be a successful women among all men.

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