Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My extra co-curricular is self management. This subject teaches me to manage myself in of three things. First, time management. Time management the most important of all. Before this, my time management was worse. I always settle my job in last minute. Even though it all went well, but I know it is not a professional way to make things done. After taking this course I’ve capable to manage my time more efficiently.

The second one is money management. Money is an important thing in life. Some sort says, “ we can manage money, we can manage the future “. So I’ve learned a lot from this course. It is shows me from to make my own personal account book, until the most selective option, how to segregate my money smooth and efficient.

I’ve also learned space management. Space management educates me to manage space throughout a thinkable and relaxing mind. It shows how space can collaborate with a relaxing mind and also how fibrous space can conduct a self tension. This show how important is space management and also how its occurrence proportionally to a relaxing minds.

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