Wednesday, March 25, 2009


In my time as an Academic Biro for my college, I’ve manage a program called Mentor and Mantee. This program teaches me a lot in term of how to manage people and organization. Mentor and Mantee is a program for K9 residents.

Mentor are selected from an excellent students while the mantee are the juniors. Mentor need to complete a 20 hours study time teaching the mantee. While, in the other hand mantee need to achieve the goal that being targeted for them from he college community.

As the consolation, mentor will be given a payment as per RM4 per hour. This program will encourage the entire student especially the freshie .To struggle for their excellent achievement. This program also gives a lot of memories to me. Either sad or happy. After finish the program, I realize that I’ve become more matured and dedicated to my study. I also become more independent and gain my leadership knowledge.

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