Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Manufacturing Engineering is a core subject for my field of study. This subject entitled me for the arrangement to be a manufacturing, industrial or even higher a process engineer after I’m graduate. Manufacturing process, thermal heat, material conceptions are among the sub- topics inside manufacturing engineering syllabus. In manufacturing engineering, a process of a substances or shall I say ‘product’ begin with incoming inspection. After that the product goes to the receiving area for segregation. Than, follow by material combustion and goes to design area. Here, a designer will supply the process with the company design as per product and goes to the process line again. After completed all process, complete product will undergo a qualitative analysis and after that quantitative analysis. At the end, the full spec of product will be trademark by the Quality Assurance Department and then it will goes to the consumer line.

My secondary subject is Process Control. This subject teaches me how to handle process as a front person. Base on the process equation, any process will be stabilizing using any key factor. There are about 10 main key factors in process control. There are also proportional, integral instability key factor such as ion form, ultra violet and also gamma radiation. All these should be taken note if to retain the main process flow. At the front panel, there are also time ratio and system circulation to be monitor. These two factors will need to be monitor closely or else, you need to do PM (preventive maintenance) more often. Process Control also teaches me to maintain the industrial process using a programming kit such as process control analysis and dynamic controlling system.

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